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Bringing you fashion's best kept treasures...and the lifestyle to go with it!


NYC-based SPARK PRETTY is a visual lifestyle brand and virtual vintage shop by artist and stylist, Amanda Dolan.


After years of shopping, thrifting and vintage hunting for her personal collection and exclusive clients, Amanda is now sharing her treasures, electrifying looks and rock 'n roll attitude with the world!




Whether you want to make a splash at a special event or just want to step up your style game, Amanda and her consultants are available for personal styling, consulting and designer shopping excursions. From formal looks to street style, she and her team can make you up and make you over with wild and fun fashions and accessories from the Spark Pretty vintage collection, or with exclusive one-on-one shopping experiences.


Indulge yourself! Find your inner Spark Pretty! Schedule an appointment with Amanda at



Amanda's experience in fashion as a stylist for (longtime fashion idol) Betsey Johnson, alongside her fine arts background (Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts (BFA) and several successful exhibitions) color her unique style perspective. Clients embrace Amanda's taste for offbeat, pop-art infused looks, unique prints, textured fabrics and sexy silhouettes - a style combination culled from high street style and distinctive icons such as Courtney Love, Tim Burton, all with a dash of Elizabeth Taylor's classic elegance.


With her knowledge and experience in the New York fashion and art worlds, her keen business sense and a passion for art, beauty, and all things fashion - this unique and colorful brand has come to life.

MEAGAN COLBY Head Consultant


Meagan brings with her to Spark Pretty: razor sharp wit, bold and dynamic styling choices, professional seamstress skills and a fabulously edgy gypsy vibe. A black cat enthusiast, Stevie Nicks lover and original California girl, Meagan attended the Art Institute in  NYC where her talents flourished in fashion design and merchandising. A fellow stylist for Betsey Johnson, Meagan quickly bonded with Amanda over their shared passions for thrifting, 90's Nostalgia, and laughing through any difficult situation. Before they knew it, they were best friends, taking vintage road trips across the country to scour estate sales and flea markets, sharing styling ideas - and getting into mischief along the way!


Meagan is at Amanda’s side on every photoshoot, event, thrifting excursion, and business meeting. As Head Consultant and shareholder, Meagan gives her personal seal of approval to every item and accessory in the Spark Pretty catalog, and infuses Spark Pretty with her own brand of spunky, witchy fun!



John brings his impeccably acute eye, his spotless attention to detail and light, and His passion for visual storytelling to Spark Pretty. A graduate of Ball State University where he concentrated on his love for pinhole cameras, John moved to NYC where he began his career as a commercial photographer. working with galleries, architecture firms, art directors, editors and designers as he built up a wonderful reputation as one of New York City's best (and kindest) product photographers. His work as been featured in the New York Times, People Magazine and Architectural Digest to name a few. John and Amanda met in 2005 on a shoot at her newly renovated loft. The two instantly hit it off- sharing a passion for good beer, bad 80s music, and photography. Throughout the past decade, their friendship has grown into a trusted and creative atmosphere. They are like family- John being Amanda’s perpetual “big brother”- Big being the operative word, John is six-foot-six! Plain and simple, there would be no Spark Pretty without John. His tireless efforts to make every single picture look dynamic, bright and cohesive does not go unnoticed. We are forever in debt to John’s incredible photography skills.

THOMAS KNIGHT In-House Designer


NYC-based artist and designer Thomas Knight launched Tom Tom Fashions in 2004. Tom and Amanda met on the streets of NYC in 2006. They quickly bonded over their mutual love of pop culture and over-the-top glamour.


Knight has collaborated with top stylists including B. Akerlund, Arianne Phillips and Patricia Field. Creating custom pieces for Madonna (The blue Vogue graffiti T for the "Bitch, I'm Madonna" video and Rebel Heart Tour), Britney Spears ("Hold it Against Me" white corset gown), Lady Gaga ("Born This Way" and "Judas" jackets) Rihanna (Rolling Stone Cover) and other stars including Debbie Harry, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Fergie, Usher, Avril Lavigne, fan favorites from Rupaul's Drag Race and many more.


Tom brings his incredible talent and merchandising skills to the Spark Pretty storefront as its resident In-House Designer. Stop by to purchase one of Toms unique and one of a kind pieces, or contact him directly for custom orders:

ALYSON ROY Publicist


Alyson is the co-founder of AMP3 PR, a boutique Fashion PR Agency based in New York City with a global reach, that is currently ranked as one of the Top 15 Fashion PR Firms in the country.  In 2017, she was named “Communicator of The Year” by the Bespoke Communication Awards, where the NYC PR Firm also took home the distinction for best “Media Event” of the year, and she was also named one of the “50 Game-Changers of PR” by PR News.


Alyson and Amanda first began collaborating on art openings back in 2007, and now Alyson and her rockstar team at AMP3 PR have been instrumental in helping Spark Pretty launch their two Pop-Up Stores in NYC, followed by their first brick and mortar location, securing publicity in top media outlets including The New York Times, Time Out New York, Racked, Coveteur, AOL Style, Fashion One Television, and Obsessee.

JAMIE DWYER Creative Consultant


Jamie brings his phenomenal creative brain to the inner fabric of the Spark Pretty brand. Jamie runs Electric Wonder, a NYC-based boutique creative company with a focus on digital innovation, trend consulting and art direction.


Jamie and Amanda met on the streets of New York - quite literally - while waiting in line for a Courtney Love concert, with whom they shared a mutual affinity. In addition to their aligned musical tastes, they harbored a shared zest for wacky art and the eclectic. Throughout the years, Jamie has become a friend and confidant, and a constant source of creative thinking. Jamie has assisted on many of Amanda’s artistic endeavors, and was Amanda’s partner in the creation of the Spark Pretty brand name, logo and aesthetic. Jamie is right there for every single important Spark Pretty judgment call and we are forever grateful for his visionary eye.

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